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Push Stick Centurion 92-100

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SKU: 92-100

Safety push blocks and push sticks exist in many versions to adapt to various machines like table saws, jointers, router tables or band saws. As the name suggests, push blocks are larger and wider while push sticks are longer and narrower.

They can help control the movement of the workpiece but the main goal of these accessories is to keep hands away from the blades and cutters.  To achieve their “raison d’être”, they must be kept handy, sitting on top of a machine table or hung nearby.

Ripping stock on a table saw can be dangerous and it becomes more dangerous when ripping narrow stock because fingers can come too close to the blade.

Centurion® offers a well-designed push stick that will add a perfect touch to your table saw:

  • Black colour blends well with most table saws
  • Its shape feels right in your hand
  • Its long reach keeps your fingers safe
  • It reduces the risk of kickback

Eventually, it will come in contact with the blade and will have to be replaced. Fortunately, it won’t cost much to get another one.

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