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About Us

The launch of the Steel City® brand in 2005 created a real buzz in the North American woodworking industry. Bearing in mind the mission of providing quality woodshop machinery with innovative features at competitive prices and thanks to a dazzling start and convincing results, the new brand quickly became an important player on the market.


In 2008, the US economy was hit hard by a major economic crisis and the impact was catastrophic not only for industry and construction but also for distribution networks and consumer markets.


Following a number of organizational changes required to adjust to difficult market conditions and after 10 years of operation, Steel City Tool Works Ltd. decided to throw in the towel and ceased operations in the United States on March 31, 2015.


In Canada, however, the Steel City® brand continued to thrive thanks to the efforts of its Canadian wholesaler, Nordis Distribution Inc. In order to ensure the continuity and support of its customers, Nordis decided to acquire from its US counterpart the entire inventory and brand name and now controls the destiny of Steel City®.


Since then, with the original mission in mind of quality, innovation and competitive prices, production of new products has been brought back to Taiwan. Thanks to a close collaboration with proud Taiwanese manufacturers, the range of products has expanded beyond 60 different models, some intended mainly for amateur do-it-yourselfers and professionals, while others are developed specifically for the woodworking industry.


A new transactional website has also been created to better inform users about current developments and new features while allowing them to have direct access when needed.


It is now with pride and satisfaction that Steel City® presents its new remodeled line of woodworking machines, still designed



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