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Professional Tenoning Guide Centurion 12-110

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SKU: 12-110

Tenon and mortise joining is certainly one of the most commonly used methods in cabinetmaking. Unlike few artisans who prefer to make their tenons in the traditional way with a Japanese saw, the use of a table saw often remains the first choice for the handyman.

However, serious cabinetmaker who wishes to improve his tenon making process will appreciate this “Professional” tenoning guide for table saws from Centurion® because of the interesting features offered:

  • Made of cast iron, it is sufficiently heavy (22Lbs/10Kg) to provide all the inertia needed for precise tenons shaping. Well adjusted, it will not vibrate and will not cause unfortunate inaccuracy
  • The 25cm (10-7/8") long x 19mm (3/4") wide x 9.5mm (3/8") thick guide bar has two 23mm (29/32") dia discs (one at each end) aimed to safely keep the tenoning guide on the table saw (removable if desired)
  • Equipped with 2 adjustable pressure balls which allow tight adjustment in the table slot, the guide bar with different other components slide easily thus ensuring consistency eliminating the worry of deficient squaring whenever one changes the adjustments
  • Easy to use, it is equipped with several adjustable stops and guides which, after shaping to different non-standard measurements, can be quickly returned to their usual original position
  • Versatile, the fence stroke is 2-½"(6,3cm) and its 5-¼"(13,3cm) width allows to attach parts of different sizes up to 3-¼"(8,5cm) thickness for angular machining from 90° to 45° both frontal and lateral
  • Ergonomic, it comes with large handles that can be positioned at different locations on the guide to customize the use according to the physical characteristics and habits of each user
  • Ambidextrous, it can be used either on the left or the right side of the blade by simply reversing the main elements that make it up

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