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Portable Drilling Guide Centurion 57-107

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SKU: 57-107

A drill press is among the most versatile machines that can be found in a workshop. But it is generally not part of the basic essential machines when one wants to do woodworking and has little space.

Until you have the budget or the space, this Centurion portable drilling guide should be helpful in case you need to drill perpendicular 90 degree or angle holes.

Carefully engineered, it sets up quickly and offers a great deal of flexibility. It can be used in the workshop, on the job site, on large parts, in fact, wherever it may be required.

  • Lightweight and portable (2.3kg/5lbs), the frame consists of a drilling unit that slides on twin vertical posts attached to a base
  • The spindle housing is equipped with a Jacob Taper No2 - 10mm(3/8") key chuck that runs on 2 ball bearings and is driven by a 6mm(1/4") hexagonal shank
  • The spindle housing slides on two 15mm(5/8") dia x 280mm(11") long steel guide posts equipped with bronze bushings to ensure a smooth action and zero play. 
  • With 80mm(3-1/8") space in between, the posts are fixed on pillars that are attached to quadrants integrated to a 170mm(6-5/8") long x 150mm(6") wide flat base. Maximum drilling capacity of 65mm (2-1/2") dia.
  • 2 adjustable depth stops are included to allow accurate repetitive drilling. The maximum travel (without the stops) is 220mm(8-5/8")
  • Set at 90°, the drilling unit produces perfectly perpendicular holes. It can be adjusted at any angle from -60°/0/+60°. A knob and an auxiliary handle are supplied to lock and secure the angle position and make handling easy
  • The base has 4 threaded holes in the corners intended to fix the unit in position when necessary. There are also 4 slotted holes intended to mount a centering vise (optional). It also integrates 2 - V supports to allow round stock drilling
  • Moreover, under the base, there are 2 threaded holes intended to adapt the steal guide pins stored in the spindle housing. These pins allow self-centering drilling like on door edge (85mm/3-3/16" max.)
  • Two keys (17 and 24mm) are provided to facilitate chuck changing such as a Jacob Taper No2 - 13mm(1/2") key or keyless chuck (optional)

Of course, this drilling guide does not aim to replace a drill press but it will find its place and its utility in many situations where a job needs to be done and there is no access to a drill press.

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