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Dial Indicator for Table Saw Centurion 12-900

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SKU: 12-900

Whether new or used, woodworking machines always need to be tweaked to achieve the best performance. Designed to give precise measurements, this dial indicator is the ideal measuring instrument for accurate results. 

  • The core of this instrument is the 60mm(2-3/8")dia indicator gauge. Each increment on the dial is equal to 0.001". A full turn of the needle gives 0,1" and 10 turns = 1" as indicated on the small dial located in the center
  • 2 adjustable black markers are mounted on the bezel to determine an acceptable range of variance
  • The bezel rotates in order to fix the zero point before measuring and can be secured by a knurled knob on the side
  • A precision engineered plunger with a 1-1/8"(28mm) stroke completes this important component
  • The indicator gauge is mounted on an aluminum 10-¾"x3/4"x3/4"(175x20x20mm) cross bar made with 4 slots for optimal adjustment on the guide bar. It can adjust at different angles and a nylon ball screw allows for fine tuning when needed 
  • It comes with a 6-¼"x3/4"x3/8"(160x20x10mm) guide bar equipped with 2 lateral set screws to eliminate any possible play in the table slot and 2 knobs with spring to allow a perfect match with the table surface

Very easy to use when measuring saw blade alignment:

  • adjust the plunger in the middle of the stroke against the front part of the blade
  • rotate the bezel to fix the dial to 0
  • move the guide bar into the table groove slowly
  • check the dial. If the needle turns clockwise, the blade is closer to the table groove, counter clockwise, it is farther
  • if adjustments are needed, refer to the table saw owner’s manual

Specifically designed for table saws alignment, this dial indicator can also serve for many other types of checks (set-up, runout, flatness, etc.). It all depends on your imagination. 

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