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Deluxe Mitre Gauge Centurion 12-120

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SKU: 12-120

A miter gauge is generally provided as standard equipment when we buy a table saw. It is essential and even safe for crosscutting and mitering. However, a good miter gauge cannot solve all needs. For instance, long boards will force the miter gauge while wide boards will require the use of a crosscut sled. 

Finding a perfect miter gauge that would likely please everyone may sound idealistic. Centurion® offers its “Deluxe” miter gauge equipped with original features and providing a precision that should meet the expectations of most of the craftsmen:

  • Thanks to its refined image, this miter gauge is fitted with high quality components that form a very rigid unit ensuring accurate cuts
  • The 45cm (17-3/4") long x 19mm (3/4") wide x 9.5mm (3/8") thick guide bar is equipped with a 23mm (29/32'') dia disc intended to safely hold the miter gauge on the table (removable if desired)
  • Spread evenly on the bar, there are 4 adjustable pressure balls that allow a tight adjustment in the table slot
  • A solid half-moon body is fixed on the bar. It has an easy to read graduation scale with 13 pre-set angle holes (+90°, +67.5°, +60°, +45°, +30°, +22.5°, 0°, -22,5°, -30°, -45°, -60°, -67.5°, -90°). Holes are high precision machined in order to allow an exact and instantaneous lock
  • A rugged rubber grip allows both to manipulate the gauge and to block it firmly in place at any other angle
  • Mounted on the body using two knurled bolts, the 45mm (17-3/4") long profiled aluminium fence slides laterally and is equipped with a measuring tape (Eng+Met)
  • Also included a sliding flip stop facilitating repetitive and accurate cuts
  • Compatible with standard 3/4’’ (19mm) miter slots

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