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40" Sliding Table Centurion 12-144

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SKU: 12-144

Commonly called panel saws, sliding table saws are very popular in the industry for cutting large panels. They are heavy machines that can cut several kinds of materials accurately and safely. Once you have experienced the feeling of pushing a real panel saw carriage without effort then you understand the difference. On the other hand, in a workshop, we are often limited in space and it is difficult to install such a saw.

With a good table saw and a conveyor at the outfeed, we can rip large panels and long boards quite easily. It is when we have to crosscut them in pieces that the story changes.

Using a miter gauge or a homemade crosscut sled may be good for a few cuts, but when this operation becomes repetitive it is difficult to get square and accurate results every time. If you already have a decent table saw and want to improve crosscutting, this Centurion® sliding table will meet your needs at a reasonable cost while adding more value to your investment.

  • Can fit almost any 10 "to 14" dia. table saws
  • Built with heavy duty tubular steel for maximum stability
  • Table slides on ball bearings and can be quickly locked thanks to a handy lock lever when loading large panels
  • Crosscut fence can be positioned either at the front or at the rear of the table. It may also be removed and stowed safely on hooks located on the legs when not needed
  • Fence has a graduated scale and is fitted with a sliding flip stop as well as an extension with stop
  • Angle indexing mechanism allows precise and quick adjustment of popular angles (0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45°)
  • All adjustment levers are indexable; no key is required
  • This model is supplied with 3 legs with an adjustable foot
  • Crosscut fence length is 54"(137cm) and can go beyond 91"(231 cm) with the extension
  • Cutting capacity is 28"(71 cm) when the fence is positioned 90° at the front
  • Cutting capacity can go from 40"(102cm) to 49"(124cm) when the fence is positioned 90° at the rear
  • Table dimensions are 30"(76 cm) long x 26"(66 cm) wide
  • Approximate footprint is 76"(193 cm) long x 32"(81 cm) wide
  • Total weight is 148 lbs(67kg)

NB: Some measures may differ depending on the brand and the capacity of your saw


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